For several years, I have been of the opinion that overpopulation is a contributing factor to many of the planet’s problems. Pollution increases partly because of advancing technology in underdeveloped countries but also because of increased burning of hydrocarbons to permit the developed world’s growing population to remain warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and travel from place to place. This is contributing to global warming and climate shifts. In addition, water and food shortages are increasing because growing populations need more water and food to survive and to manufacture, etc. The problem is clearly present, but the solution is very difficult. Religious beliefs oppose contraception. Life is considered precious regardless of the numbers of people that populate the planet.
When is the population too great? There has to be a point where there are too many people for the general survival of life on the earth, and population growth has to be curtailed. We may have already gone past the optimal level of population.

I always looked at this as a global problem. Frosty Wooldridge, who wrote about overpopulation in a Newsweek letter to the editor published 11/16/2009, seems to view this as a national issue. His perspective is to curtail immigration and protect the conditions in the United States. Of course, by doing so he ignores the rest of the world. Wooldridge has been described as xenophobic (hater of foreigners). By making this a national versus an international issue, he has failed to take the high ground. This is counterproductive because even if he succeeds in curtailing immigration, he cannot stop population growth abroad. The pollution and shortage issues will continue and will eventually impact us as well. Local issues are secondary to the primary problem of world population growth. This is difficult to deal with, but that should be the focus.


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